About this Youtube video: Ain t She Sweet is a song composed by Milton Ager music and Jack Yellen lyrics and published in 1927 by Edwin H. Morris Co. Inc. Warner Bros. Inc. It became popular in the first half of the 20th century one of the hit songs that typified the Roaring Twenties. Like Happy Days Are Here Again 1929 it became a Tin Pan Alley standard. Both Ager and Yellen were elected to membership in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. According to eminent author Mark Lewisohn in The Complete Beatles Chronicles The Beatles performed it live from 1957 till 1962 in Lewisohn s words the version most likely to have prompted the Beatles performance of this song would be Gene Vincent s ... 1956 recording......but since John Lennon s vocal rendition was different from Vincent s it would seem that he arranged his own unique version....He may have also been influenced by Duffy Power s 1959 version . The Beatles rock and roll arrangement of Ain t She Sweet was recorded by the group with John Lennon on lead vocals while recording as Tony Sheridan s backup band on June 22 1961 at the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle Hamburg Germany with Pete Best on drums produced by Bert Kaempfert. The recording was released as a single on May 29 1964 on Polydor NH 52-317 UK and was included on the Anthology 1 album in 1995. A different rendition recorded during a jam session in 1969 with Ringo Starr on drums was released on the Beatles Anthology 3 it is the only song which appears on two of the Anthology records. A solo version of the song was also included in the John Lennon Anthology box set. Additionally in 1995 the three remaining Beatles McCartney Harrison and Starr performed a brief ukulele jam of the song outside during a chat for the Anthology documentary. Here I ve intended to show a possible rendition with the same gear they used to play in 1961. - Rickenbacker 325c58 John - Hofner 500 1 1961 bass Paul - Grasiozo Resonet Futurama George This is a remake with better sound quality and more precise chords thanks to amazing The Beatles as Musicians book . This video is for entertainment purposes only..