About this Youtube video: If you like this quiz please give us a thumbs up and we will make sure to keep them coming. If you like to play the interactive quiz go to Question 1 Doctors used to suggest the drinking of urine to diagnose which disease Answer a Diabetes Answer b Down Syndrome Answer c Hemophilia Answer d Cri Du Chat Question 2 The leaf from which plant is on the Canadian flag Answer a Elm Answer b Oak Answer c Maple Answer d Chestnut Question 3 What do we call the openings in the skin Answer a Mores Answer b Gaze Answer c Shores Answer d Pores Question 4 What is the best way to test a new drug s effectiveness Answer a Swim group Answer b Play group Answer c Subject group Answer d Control group Question 5 What structure attaches muscle to bone Answer a Tendons Answer b Iris Answer c Capillaries Answer d Cornea Question 6 What substance does your stomach produce Answer a Water Answer b Acid Answer c Milk Answer d Alkali Question 7 Which of the following is not likely to cause a species to become extinct Answer a Less food Answer b New disease Answer c New food source Answer d New predator Question 8 Which of these does NOT belong to the four basic human body structure units Answer a Tissues Answer b Cells Answer c Differentiation Answer d Systems Question 9 Which of these fruits grows on a vine Answer a Coconuts Answer b Pears Answer c Bananas Answer d Grapes Question 10 Which of these is not a taste Answer a Fruit Answer b Sweet Answer c Salty Answer d Bitter.