About this Youtube video: If you like this quiz please give us a thumbs up and we will make sure to keep them coming. If you like to play the interactive quiz go to Question 1 In what language does feta means slice and filo mean leaf Answer a Italian Answer b Turkish Answer c Arabic Answer d Greek Question 2 What line from Gone with the Wind was 1 on AFI s list of great movie lines Answer a Frankly my dear I don t give a damn Answer b I don t know nothin bout birthin babies Answer c After all tomorrow is another day Answer d As God is my witness I ll never be hungry again Question 3 Which fruit has a fuzzy skin Answer a Peach Answer b Apple Answer c Grape Answer d Nectarine Question 4 In 1935 Hugh Troy slipped some corned beef into an art exhibit at the Met and claimed it was what artist s severed ear Answer a Renoir Answer b Michelangelo Answer c Rembrandt Answer d Van Gogh Question 5 What is Spain s national animal especially the Iberian breed not that you d know it from the way it s treated in the corrida Answer a Horse Answer b Bull Answer c Pig Answer d Lion Question 6 I m a member of Marvel s X-Men and I have adamantium claws. Who am I Answer a Cyclops Answer b Wolverine Answer c Nightcrawler Answer d Storm Question 7 What is a map that shows an area s shape and elevations called Answer a Climate Map Answer b Ocean Floor Map Answer c City Map Answer d Topographic Map Question 8 Finish The Lyric Yesterday all my troubles Answer a Seemed To Melt Away Answer b Were Here To Stay Answer c Seemed So Far Away Answer d Couldn t Be Kept Away Question 9 Who sang the famous song Rebel Yell 1983 Answer a Eagle Eye Cherry Answer b A Answer c Billy Idol Answer d John Cougar Mellencamp Question 10 Which American company produced the first commercial computer in 1952 Answer a Ford Answer b Toshiba Answer c Apple Answer d IBM.