About this Youtube video: top 10 famous child celebrities who aged horribly Subscribe to our channel For copyright matters please contact us at david.f Other Videos You Might Like Awkward Child Celebrities Who Became Hot Amazing People With Extreme Body Deformities Description Celebrities We love following them prying into their lives watching their relationships and marveling at their lifestyles. For many of us celebrities have the status of demi-gods. Of course we know they are mere mortals like us but their careers and lifestyles can make them out to be as fictional as the characters they play on screen. After all how can you possibly own so many mansions have so many lovers and be embroiled in so many scandals and be considered a normal person Yes we can get a little obsessed at times. Buying up magazines following all the social media outlets and watching as much TMZ as is humanly possible These are all ways we satiate our need to follow the celebrity world. One type of celebrity we love to follow is the child star. You know the type They break onto the scene in a huge hit movie or maybe they start out more gradually in a television series as a secondary character. Over time their star gets brighter as they attract more and more attention. Today there are countless child stars and child stars who have grown to become adult stars. As you ll see one area people love to look at is how well child stars have fared over the years. Are they still famous rich doing A-list movies In this instance we look at the ever popular topic of how poorly some of them have aged. Our Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram For more videos and articles visit .