About this Youtube video: A young woman with mental health issues seeks therapy from her psychiatrist neighbor who has a troubling and violent past. Own A Neighbor s Deception Cast Ashley Bell Isabella Hofmann Adam Mayfield Tom Amandes Chloe and Michael moved from the city to suburbia. While Michael puts in long hours at the office Chloe must cope with her newfound isolation. When Chloe discovers that the neighbor Gerald is a retired psychologist she starts impromptu therapy sessions with him. It isn t long before Chloe finds herself caught in the middle of a dangerous cover-up and the closer she comes to uncovering the truth the closer she steps towards an early grave. Subscribe About MarVista Entertainment MarVista Entertainment is an independent entertainment studio with a mission to produce acquire and distribute premium film and television programming worldwide. Connect with MarVista Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter A Neighbor s Deception - MarVista Entertainment .