About this Youtube video: These quiz questions and detective riddles will tease your brain to the max and will nicely work it out 00 14 - Crime riddle. This crime riddle will ask you to take a decision whether a suspect is guilty or not and the justice will depend entirely on you You have to puzzle over a bit verify the evidences and give your verdict. I know you re charged with a heavy responsibility but the police rely on you Just take your time you can always pause the video calm down and crack the puzzle. 01 41 - Mystery riddle. This mystery riddle is for brilliant minds only His death seems to be impossible doesn t it But there is a clue right there in the story would you be able to use your logic and creative thinking to find it and crack the riddle Don t be upset if you wouldn t This is a riddle with answer so you will be surprised to know how simple the secret is. 03 20 - Mystery crime riddle. This strange case could almost be considered an accident except for one small detail. Would you be able to find it A mysterious crime riddle with answer that will make you scratch your brain If you fail to figure out what s wrong just sit back and pretend you already know the answer I always do this 04 36 - Fun quiz questions - General knowledge test. Answer these fun quiz questions to know how much you can still remember since your high school years passed away No worries even if you failed to answer some of the questions OMG I hoped I would never have to think about what the amoeba was again . Anyway the riddles with answers is an easy and fun way to jog your memory 06 22 - Short crime riddle with answer. This short riddle with answer will reveal how strong your deduction skills are. Look at the only evidence we have and try to find out who shot first. You have everything you need to solve the case so look closely and use your logic and sharp mind. I believe you won t even need to stop the video as the answer is really simple 07 28 - Logic riddle. Alright Sherlock this logic riddle may seem too easy for your brilliant mind but we need your help so badly Only you can connect the dots and expose the criminal. And while there s a professional there at the crime scene we can sit back pause the video and try to crack this brain teaser by ourselves 08 32 - Tricky riddle with answer. Tricky riddle with answer to test your observation skills The smart thief came up with a great alibi but he definitely made one small mistake. Detective you re the only hope Can you bring this to light and return the watch to the unwary captain 10 11 - Murder riddle. This murder riddle is a tough nut to crack and you will need all your logic and critical thinking skills There is one small detail that gave the murderer away will you be able to notice it Even if it seems hard at first glance you won t believe how simple and obvious the answer is Anyway this riddle has the answer at the end of the video so just wait for it to appear when time s up. 11 10 - Funny riddles. Exercise your brain with this set of funny riddles with answers. You will need not only your logic but rather your sense of humor to figure out what the answer is. If you fail to solve these funny riddles most people do wait for the answers and you will see that you most likely overthink this. TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these quiz questions and detective riddles you could answer on your own. Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media Facebook Instagram Website -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .