About this Youtube video: 10 000 likes for next part Make sure to subscribe to this channel because we will be uploading all of our new videos here a day in advance Parker s Instagram parkerhaj Chester s Instagram snipertrader20 Instagram luxurypranks Snapchat luxurypranks This video serves as an example to listen to your kids when they voice their concerns. If you are suspicious about someone in your life do not be afraid to be vocal about your fears. For online interactions Although some people may appear to be normal online it s important to remember that there is still a large potential for danger. Please be safe while using social media sites and make sure to refuse to meet up with adults if you are underage. If you are the appropriate age and plan on using dating apps websites make sure to tell a loved one a parent friend family member your plans and whereabouts. That way your location will not be unknown to them. DISCLAIMER These videos are produced with intent to spread awareness. Do not try to recreate any of the acts you see as they are extremely dangerous..