About this Youtube video: Check out the most mysterious discoveries of giants From unexplained archaeological discoveries of giant skeletons to other bizarre finds nobody can explain this top 10 list of strange ancient discoveries will amaze you Subscribe For New Videos Watch our REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World video here Watch our 10 Sea Monsters ATTACKING A Boat video here Watch our STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets video here 10. Serpent Mound In 1894 an Ohio farmer was going about his business hunting some foxes. Little did he suspect he was going to stumble on something of major archaeological interest. This was no ordinary slice of history because he had found graves which appeared to contain ancient giants not something you see everyday right 9. Cresap Mound In 1958 in Marshall County West Virginia a Curator from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History named Don W. Dragoo - wow what a name - was examining the Cresap Mound. The mound was made by the Adena culture who are Native Americans thought to have lived in various states of America from 1000 - 200 BC though opinion varies. The name Adena was taken not from their culture but from the home of a governor and not very much is known about them. 8. Iowa Mound Discoveries of giants aren t necessarily associated with modern structures but in 1857 a work crew came across a staggering find while excavating the basement of a governor s building in Des Moines County. It sounds like a scene from an Indiana Jones movie but they unearthed a vault which housed skeletons around 8 ft 2.44 m in length. 7. Steelville Missouri In 1933 teenager Billy Harman was exploring a cave reportedly looking for arrowheads. The place was known as Puckett s Cave and was near Billy s family home in Steelville Missouri. Little did he suspect that in this unlikely location he was about to stumble on a buried giant 6. Miamisburg Giant Who knew that Ohio was popping with giants The city of Miamisburg in Ohio seems like a fairly modern place. But it has a secret history of giant skeletons one that relates to its very own mound. This prominent local landmark hasn t been excavated in any detail but there have been finds in the area that suggest if experts really explore the Miamisburg Mound they ll find pretty compelling evidence of an ancient society. 5. San Diego Giant Up till now we ve been talking about giant skeletons but this one is more of a complete specimen he still had his own skin. Yucky but fascinating. A cave in San Diego was the location where the remains were found in 1908. The people who discovered the giant were prospectors who were possibly on the hunt for gold or other metals. Very Wild West 4. Catalina Island While there have been lots of movies made about giants turns out evidence of actual giants exists near the home of moviemaking Los Angeles California Catalina Island is found just over 20 miles from the California coast and has been settled since 7000 BC. 3. Beaver Lake A diver exploring Beaver Lake in Arkansas in 2014 believed he d seen evidence of a civilization of giants. Pretty exciting stuff huh All he needed to do was provide the details and everything would be cool. Unfortunately what he apparently saw wasn t backed up by visual records. A video was taken during the dive but frustratingly doesn t show anything. 2. Lompock Rancho Now up to this point when we ve talked about giants it s been people who are a bit taller than your average human. A historic find of a skeleton that s 8 ft or so could be explained by saying someone was just really tall or they ate their spinach back in those days. The Lompock Rancho case from 1833 is a bit different. This could legitimately be a giant because the skeleton found there was 12 feet tall. 1. West Hickory I saved the best and indeed the biggest for last In 1870 a skeleton was uncovered 12 ft 3.66 m beneath a mound in West Hickory Pennsylvania. But there was a bit more to it than that. At first excavators found an enormous giant iron helmet. Can you imagine what it s like pulling a giant s helmet out of the dirt Then they saw a sword. It was a shocking 9 ft 2.74 m in length a very impressive find Then came the skeleton itself..