About this Youtube video: If you liked this quiz try this Chrismas Movie Quiz Hey guys This is our MOVIE THEME SONG QUIZ Hope you enjoy. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Here is how it works You will get 15 seconds on each song to guess which movie it s from There will be 26 songs The answer will come after each song GOOD LUCK --ANSWERS-- 1. Fast and furious 2. Shrek 3. Avatar 4. Harry potter 5. Fifty shades of grey 6. Gladiator 7. The hobbit 8. Hunger Games 9. Frozen 10. Guardian of the galaxy 11. Moana Vaiana 12. Lord of the rings 13. John Tucker must die 14. Mission Impossible 15. Pirates of the Caribbean 16. I am legend 17. Wolf of Wallstreet 18. Jurassic park 19. 8 mile 20. The fault in our stars 21. Suicide squad 22. Mamma mia 23. Twilight 24. Indiana jones 25. High school musical 26. Cars.