About this Youtube video: Follow me on Insta And subscribe to my channel here Chinese Street Food Shanghai - Chinese Street Food - Street Food China Chinese street food and Chinese Food in China is incredibly delicious So I flew to Shanghai China and have been eating street food noodles and dumplings non-stop. Best Street Food to try The Chinese food is so good in Shanghai I ve eaten street food in Bejing street food in Chengdu street food in Xi an street food in Guangzhou and now street food in Shanghai. A lot of the street food in Shanghai is similar to other street food in China. You can find some unique Shanghai street food specialties here like xiaolongbao soup dumplings shengjianbao pan fried dumplings seafood on the street and some delicious noodles as well. You can also enjoy countless other street foods in Shanghai many featured in this video. The street food in Shanghai was so delicious. The restaurant food and special Chinese cuisine was also very nice I had some amazing Chinese sesame paste noodles that were to die for Here are the locations for the Chinese street food and Chinese restaurants in Shanghai that I tried 1 00 34 Breakfast Street d b ng or sh ob ng - The Big Cake - served in sweet or salty versions. Restaurant Name Aihua eatery i hu f ndi nW l m q zh ngl 296 n ng Address 296 W l m q zh ngl 296 n ng Price 1.5 RMB 0.22 2 02 00 The famous sh nd ng ji nbing a famous snack street food in China kind of like a Chinese crepe. Restaurant Name W j b ihu di n Address 270 W l m q zh ngl 270 n ng Price 5 RMB .0.75 for one 3 03 00 Whole roast lamb K o qu n y ng - Xinjiang style from the furthest west province of China. Address You can find this huge market every Friday near Changde road. 1328 Changde Lu near Aomen Lu 1328 Price Pay by weight 40 RMB 6.00 was good enough for a serving 4 05 20 Xinjiang style beef fried bao - - ni r u ji n b o - This was probably the oiliest bao I ve ever had Address Xinjiang Friday weekly street food market noted above Price 2.5 RMB 0.37 5 06 35 Sesame paste noodles - - m ji ng mi n these were some of the best noodles I ve ever had. Restaurant Name W ixi ng zh i Address 14 Y nd ng l 14 h o Price 10 RMB basic bowl plus extra spicy pork pay around 25 30 RMB 4.50 for a nice lunch. 6 08 25 Famous Shanghai Sh ng ji n b o - These are reason enough to come to Shanghai. Restaurant name D h ch n Address 89 Y nn n n nl 89 h o Price 22 RMB 3.30 7 10 44 Shanghai breakfast street food specialties - Chinese street food breakfast in Shanghai. We had 4 specialties. Restaurant name and address Ajian s Dough Sticks and Soy bean milk restaurant Price Around 16 RMB 2.40 8 14 20 Stewed pork made from the essence of fermented tofu f r r u and a gluten dumpling D n d ng filled with juicy pork. Restaurant name and address Right beside the Wenmiao temple in Shanghai down a back alley street where they sell lots of Anime and Manga. Price 21 RMB 3.15 for two. 9 17 00 The final street feast of the night happened on the outskirts of Shanghai where Xiaoyun brought me to try a Shanghai summer favourite crayfish xi o l ngxi . Restaurant name and address Xing Long Restaurant M nx ng q shu q ng l x ng l ng c nt ng Price Around 124 RMB 18.58 for a couple huge plates of crab and crayfish with rice. ABOUT THE FOOD RANGER TREVOR JAMES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Trevor James and I m a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that s currently living in Chengdu Sichuan China eating up as much delicious Chinese street food as I can. I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I m going to make videos for YOU along the way Over the next few years I m going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you I love delicious street food This channel will show you real Chinese street food and real local food not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge. Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment suggestion or critique in the comments below Please make sure to subscribe it s the best way to keep my videos in your feed and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video thanks I appreciate it You could also share the video too if you liked it that would be awesome. Thanks a lot ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook Twitter Insta chinese food chinese street food taste test gordon ramsay anthony bourdain best top cooking cuisine kitchen 2016 recipes shanghai guangzhou shenzhen chengdu.