About this Youtube video: Detailed tutorial for quilled paper art beginners. This video is intended as a guide to show how the basic curls and multi colored circles are formed. Using that technique many designs can be created from a simple one like the one in the video to an intricate one. ___________________ MY TOOLS Sculptor s Needle - Tweezers - Large Scissors - Small Scissors - Elmer s Glue - Cardstock - Quilling Paper - Lightbox - ____________________ MY ONLINE HOMES Website - Facebook - Instagram - Dribbble - Behance - YouTube - _____________________ To read about all my tools and supplies in detail check out the relevant blog post Hope you enjoyed my video and that it was helpful to you. For detailed blog posts about any of my videos please visit my website Subscribe if you like DIY videos like this one and please comment with what you would like to see in the future. Give me a thumbs up if you liked the video. Thank you for watching More videos are coming up so stay tuned Keep on creating .