About this Youtube video: Safari Hunt 2018 Game to bring down crazy and dangerous animals before they get to you. Enjoy various types of hunting style like Safaris mode where you shoot your targets from a vehicle. Google Play link SUBSCRIBE HERE - FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - edgv25 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK - IPs2wI CONNECT US ON GOOGLE - MuKW3B Within Safari Hunt 2018 Gameplay try out the rescue gameplay all you have to do is to protect the innocent prey by shooting all the predators before they attack them. This unqiue and exciting gameplay is sure to leave you wanting for more. By the end of every level the hunter experience gets tougher and tougher. Safari Hunt 2018 Special levels added where you can target your kills from the high skies in a helicopter. Grab a hunting rifle jump into the off-road car and get on the way to Safaris to takeout various animals rhinoceroses lions buffalos zebras and many other animal kinds indigenous to Africa. Now you can experience the ultimate shooter thrill on top of a helicopter enjoy the chopper view and become a wild hunter Safari Hunt 2018 Game Features - Easy and Smooth First person shooter gun controls. - Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery. - Actual thrill of chases kills and deadly attacks. - Awesome game play including vicious attacking animations. - Ambient realistic jungle sounds. - Set Aim and Zoom using scope to focus on the target. Please Rate Share and Comment too really want to entertain all of you so tell me what you want Thank you guys for watching - DroidGameplaysTV.