About this Youtube video: LiveLeak is an internet video platform that showcases world events no matter how innocent or graphic. Some of these videos have the ability to send a chill up anyone s spine and make them question what kind of a world they live in. Now without further adue these are the Most Disturbing Videos on LiveLeak. Follow Me On Twitter Music by Myuuji Poltergeist- Nightmares- If for some reason you want to see these videos here they are. 5 4 3 2 1 While you re down here why don t you check out some more videos. If you like creepy stuff this is the channel for you 5 Horrifying Things Caught On Live Stream 5 Internet Challenges That Ended In Death 5 Scariest Voicemails Ever Recieved Subscribe This video isn t intended to shock or to be sensational. Rather this video is intended to document what you can find on the internet more specifically LiveLeak no matter how disturbing. All material in this video that can be considered disturbing has been censored. 5 Animal overpopulation especially among dogs is a huge problem throughout the world but this isn t a way to fix it. A woman is seen throwing dogs into a river. The dogs seem to be at the most a few weeks old. The entire litter most likely died from either trauma or drowning after being thrown. The video was first posted with details about the girl the discription with the hopes of bringing her to justice LiveLeak later wrote in the video discription that the woman responsible Katja Pushnick was found and that they condem any threats or injury toward Puschnik as action has already been taken against her by the proper athorities. 4 Motorcycle accidents are arguably worse than car accidents because of the limited ability for a motorcycle to protect the rider. Several videos exist on liveleak of victims of motorcycle accidents dead from a variety of different situations. One in particular shows a man with their head embedded in a telephone pole after crashing into it at over 100 mph. Another video shows a girl of an undetrmined age missing half of her leg following an accident. Compared to other videos like this one the girl is lucky only to have lost her leg instead of her life. 3 A woman by the name of Obdulia Sanchez was live streaming herself driving her SUV along with her 14 year old sister Jacqueline Sanchez along with a friend. They crashed after veering off to the side of the road. Obdulia s sister was ejected and killed during the accident but Obdulia herself was okay. Instead of attempting to help her sister or even the others in the car Sanchez thought the best thing to do was to pose with her sister s lifeless body for those watching her stream. Obdulia was eventually charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI as her blood alcohol levels were more than 9 times over the legal limit for those under 21 years old. 2 This video shows the aftermath of a car crash with a flatbed truck and a few cars. The crash appears to be fatal as bodies are strewn across the road. One body was possibly seen decapitated. One of the most disturbing parts of the video is a man on the side of the road presumably holding his child as he clings on to life. The child is seen with a major head injury as brain tissue can be seen. Beyond this video nothing has been reveal regarding the crash such as the cause of the crash and the number of fatalities and injuries. 1 In Punjab India a 15 year old girl along with her grandfather were walking to tuition classes when the teen was hit by a truck. She is seen split in half at the waist. The girl s mother shows up later in the video horrified at the scene around her. She is heard yelling my daughter several times. Surprisingly enough the teen survived despite the severe blood loss and trauma caused by the accident..