About this Youtube video: How to find and score 5 goals in different pitch locations in Fortnite Battle Royal. This week 7 challenge requires you to find the newly added soccer fields across the map more than 5 and score goals in 5 of them. Here are 7 Soccer Pitch Locations in Fortnite Worldcup Stadium 00 03 Pleasant Park 00 38 Indoor Stadium 01 16 Fatal Fields 01 32 Flush Factory 02 01 Risky Reels 02 32 Shipping Containers 02 58 --------------------------------- All Week 7 Challenges Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents 250 Search Chests in Risky Reels 7 Consume Hop Rocks Apples or Mushrooms 20 Score a goal on different pitches 5 Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park 1 Assault Rifle Eliminations 5 Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts 3 ---------------------------- ALL 7 SECRET BATTLE STARS Season 4 CHALLENGES Blockbuster Playlist FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Check out the website Watch us Live stream Follow us on Twitter Facebook is cool too .