About this Youtube video: Buy The Impossible Kid Digital Buy The Impossible Kid CD Vinyl Subscribe for more Rings is the first official single from Aesop Rock s The Impossible Kid OUT NOW on Rhymesayers Entertainment. Cast in order of appearance Aesop Rock as Himself Jameson Radiacion as Witness 1 Allyson Carroll as Witness 2 Bobo Coutier as Witness 3 Amelia Steinbeck as Witness 4 Travis Visscher as Police Officer Janie Faison as Witness 5 Clare Kaluzynski as Witness 6 Chang Lee as Detective Eugene Swathmore as Pathologist Robert Gallucio as Waiter Crew Production Company Bent Image Lab Portland Oregon Director Rob Shaw Executive Producer Ray Di Carlo Producer Robert A. D Esposito DP Rodrigo Melgarejo AC Lane Clark Editor Rob Shaw Art Director Emily Yurek FX Makeup Erin Lyon Gaffer Kevin Forrest Stage manager Jim Birkett Stop Motion Art Director Greg Arden Stop Motion Animator John Summerson Armaturist Gary McRobert Illustrator Jesse McManus VFX Supervisor Paul DeSilva Colorist Paul DeSilva Special thanks to Kachka TheImpossibleKid __________________________.