About this Youtube video: Copenhagen Street Food Tour T-shirts and caps Ferma Dacilor This was the ultimate Romanian medieval BBQ meat feast. Huge thank you to Nassim and Cristian for setting up this incredible trip. Romania RomaniaFood bbq Meat Paradise in Romania at Ferma Dacilor - During my trip to Romania we went to a place called Ferma Dacilor one of the most unique and special meals and food experiences of my trip to Romania. The entire concept is straight farm to table where nearly everything they serve from the meat to the vegetables and seasoning are grown produced and aged on location at the farm. Medieval BBQ Cooking - Not only is the food fresh and local but they strive to cook things in the ancient way they way their ancestors cooked - over fire rustic iron and huge portions of Romanian food. Along with the 110 KG pig they roasted whole one of the highlights for me was trying Mangalica pig a type of hairy pig that almost looks like a sheep. The fat is said to be quite healthy with little to no cholesterol. The meat was fatty and delicious. Huge thank you to Cornelo and his entire family for hosting us and for making our time at Ferma Dacilor so memorable. One of the best Romanian food experiences MUSIC Banana Chips are available now worldwide Get t-shirts and caps Camera gear I use FOLLOW Instagram Facebook .