About this Youtube video: VIDEO SOURCES 1 Bees 2 Highest Jump 3 Highest Shallow Dive 4 Miles on two wheel 5 37.7 Miles on One Wheel Motorcycle 6 Mountain Bike speed record 7 Drag Race record 8 World s highest basketball shot 9 Fastest KO 10 Highest motorcycle jump 11 World Record Breath Hold NEW RECORD 12 Basketball shot blindfolded 13 Arrow shot using the feet 14 Biggest Domino 15 longest bicycle 1 The largest number of bees on a person Nothing will prevent a beekeeper from China from smoking a cigarette even 1 million 100 thousand bees that cover his body. 2 Jump into the water from the highest altitude 58.8 meter A brave man who dared to jump from a height that exceeds the top floor of the Tower of Pisa was a Swiss Laso Schaller. 3 The highest jump into the water horizontally in a manner akin to the Belly flop. It was made by Professor Splash whose name is Darren Taylor. 4 World record for the mile on two wheels Instead of the traditional race on the grand mini-track Juke set a new world record for riding on two wheels at the Speed Festival in British Goodwood. 5 One-wheeled marathon Dougie Lampkin completed the course of the famous Isle of Man on one wheel . Length of almost 60 kilometers and lasted 1 hour 35 minutes 6 Mountain Bike World Speed Record Eric Baron is not a Marvell superhero but his record gives an occasion to think about superpowers. The 54-year-old Frenchman nicknamed The Red Baron reached 223 kilometers per hour with the bike and beat his former 15 years old achievement by 1 km h. 7 World record for a quarter of a mile among Dragsters The world record in the drag racing of the category Top Fuel in the quarter-mile race was 4.4 seconds and the speed at the output of 534 kilometers per hour. At the same time the speed of 100 kilometers was reached in 0.8 second. 8 Basketball Shot From A Skyscraper 9 The fastest knockout in the history of MMA What can you do in less than two seconds In the case of Mike Garret the answer is simple he can win fight in the MMA during this time. 10 The highest jump on a motorcycle The highest jump on the motorcycle was made by Robbie Maddison. December 31 2008 in Las Vegas 11 Guinness World Record Breath Hold 12 Basketball shot blindfolded Garrett Hilbert from the channel Dude Perfect threw the ball into the basket blindfolded from a distance of 16 meters 13 Arrow shot using the feet 14 Guinness s record for the biggest dominoes 15 The longest bicycle in the world.