About this Youtube video: These 15 mystery riddles and quiz questions will challenge you and will test your brain power. If your brain is fit and in great shape you will have no problems and will answer at least 8 of these riddles and quiz questions 00 14 - Hard riddle to test your logic and attentiveness. Are you ready to test your survival instinct and try to find the answer to this hard riddle An attentive one can spot one hint that will get you out this trouble. A cool riddle to wake up your brain 01 36 - New emoji quiz. Turn on your logic and guess these countries right away 03 30 - Mystery riddle to test your brain. 04 44 - Logic riddle. This logic riddle is only for those who can think creatively and use 100 of their logic How can you get the ball out of the pipe using only the items you have in your bag Or probably you have your own solution to this hard riddle Tell me in the comments if you have other ideas 05 56 - Fun quiz questions to challenge your brain power. 07 53 - Tricky riddle. To find the answer to this tricky riddle you will need to think outside the box and turn on your logic and imagination The solution is SO simple and obvious that you will be pretty shocked. Well Napoleon is perfect at finding graceful solutions and so are you Solving short riddles with answers is the shortest way to sharpen your mind and prepare your brain for intellectual feats. 09 15 - General knowledge test - Quiz questions. These quiz questions will challenge your brain with the most interesting riddles of the solar system. I failed even the first one and all my friends made at least one mistake but I believe you ll get all of the questions right Tell me in the comments which one was the most difficult 10 30 - Who is the killer Mystery riddle. Well Sherlock put your hat on An inhuman crime took place in a respectable house. You will need all your logic and observation skills to crack this tough crime riddle and find out who killed the poor boy. They all have perfect alibis but we know that one of them did it. And you my friend can you solve this riddle with answer before the detective arrives at the crime scene 12 04 - Crime riddle Hey Sherlock put on your gloves as we need your brilliant deduction skills to crack this crime riddle The police still can t get if it is a case of murder or suicide There re a lot of evidences but only you can put things in the right perspective. Turn on your brain there s no time to lose TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these mystery riddles and quiz questions you managed to answer on your own I scored 9 Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media Facebook Instagram Website -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .