About this Youtube video: Get a guided tour of the Facebook website and learn how to use it with this helpful tutorial video. We ll show you how to add friends post a status share photos or videos and more. To add someone as a Facebook friend click the search bar then type in the person s name. You ll see a few results appear below the search bar if their profile comes up click on it. If not click See All Results. Look through the results until you find your friend s profile. To add them click Add Friend to right of their name. To see suggestions from Facebook of people you might know and want to add click the Friend Requests button at the top of your screen. Here you ll see a list of people who have requested to add you as a friend as well as a list of people you may know. Click Add Friend beside the name of anyone you d like to add. To post a Facebook status click the text box labelled what s on your mind and type in what you d like to share. You can add a background by clicking on one of the colored dots at the bottom of the box. Add on photos or videos your location a fun sticker your mood or tag your friends. When you re finished click Post. To share photos or videos on Facebook click Photo Video Album at the top of your screen. Locate the images then click Open. Add a name for your album. To tag one of your friends in a photo click on them in the photo they appear in then type in their name. Click on their profile when it comes up to tag them. In the bottom left corner select whether you want these images to be visible to the public to your friends only to specific friends or only yourself. When you re ready to share click Post. Check out posts from your friends on your Facebook newsfeed. If you see a post you enjoy click the like button to let the poster know you liked it. If you hover your cursor over the Like button you ll see more reaction options. Click on whichever reaction you d like to leave. If you have something to say about a post click in the text box below it labelled write a comment. Type in what you d like to say. When you re done hit the enter key on your keyboard to post your comment. There are even more fun things to do and see on Facebook. Check out the explore section of the left menu panel to find out more. If you click On this day you ll be taken to a page that shows you memories of things you ve posted or been tagged in on this day in previous years if you were on Facebook then. Click the Events button to see if there are any fun things coming up that you could potentially attend. You ll see a list of upcoming events your friends are interested in as well as discover events coming up in your city. Click on a category on the right to see events in your area of that type. Click Groups to check out Facebook groups you can join. No matter what your interests are you can find a Facebook group to connect with other people who like the same things. Check out the different group categories to find one you re interested in. Click the Join button if you d like to join the group. If you d like to see a list of everyone you re friends with on Facebook click Friend Lists. You ll be taken to a list of categories of your friends. If you have friends who went to your school or work for the same company as you they ll be put into a category. To see a list of all your friends click See All Friends. If you want to delete someone from Facebook click the Friends button beside their name then click Unfriend. To access your Facebook profile click your name at the top of your screen. Scroll down to see a timeline of your own posts and posts your friends have tagged you in. To change your Facebook profile picture move your cursor over your current profile photo then click Update Profile Picture. You can select a photo you ve uploaded previously or one you ve been tagged in. Click on a photo to select it.. Click Upload Photo to add a new one. Locate the image on your computer then click Open. When you re done click Save. To update your personal information on Facebook click Update Info. Select the category of information you d like to make changes to. If you want to add information about something you haven t yet put on your profile click the Add button to add details about that topic to your profile. If you want to make changes to information that s already on your profile move your cursor over it then click the Edit button that appears. Make any changes you d like to then click Save Changes. Check out our playlist of Facebook tutorial videos if you want to learn more Our free Facebook course is available here .