About this Youtube video: Rappers and Music Producers Souncloud has been a platform that has helped many of us present our music to the public. Through their rollercoaster internet journey Soundcloud has gone through many dramatic changes since it launched in 2008. Among those changes were their aggressive push to delete user accounts with music that they deemed infringing upon a copyright. These changes left many musicians DJ s and their fans stranded. I myself was one of those musicians. However instead of looking at it as a bad thing I began to look at it as an opportunity to tap into the world of music streaming. In today s video I explain to you why I no longer upload my music on Soundcloud and instead make it available for streaming. Sign Up To DistroKid And Get 7 OFF With This Link FOLLOW THESE 2 SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS DOPE Music Producers That SELL Beats Online DOPE Rappers That Buy Beats Online RAPPERS THAT HAVE LEASED BEATS ONLINE EMAIL US YOUR FINISHED SONGS TO CURTISS CURTISSKINGBEATS.COM MUSIC PRODUCERS SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC FOR OUR SPOTIFY PLAYLIST. EMAIL US YOUR LINKS TO CURTISS