About this Youtube video: What Animal Are You Test with 41 Animals CAT DOG LION TIGER WOLF DOLPHIN BEAR ELEPHANT COUGAR HORSE DEER KANGAROO LEOPARD CHEETAH FOX JAGUAR HYAENA GIRAFFE BEAVER PIG GIANT PANDA WOLVERINE LYNX BLUE WHALE HAMSTER RABBIT ORCA POLAR BEAR RHINOCEROS HIPPOPOTAMUS COYOTE SQUIRREL BISON BUFFALO MONKEY HONEY BADGER HEDGEHOG CHIMPANZEE GORILLA GUINEA PIG TASMANIAN DEVIL. This Test Will Tell You What Animal You Are. Be my friend on Facebook Like my Facebook Page Follow me on Twitter Find me on Google Visit my awesome website Get in touch by email contact Watch me on Youtube If you like my work please join me on my social networks AUDIO Retreat - Jason Farnham Ambient - Calm .