About this Youtube video: YEAAA What is up everyone My name is Jordan Baywood and today I talk about ways underground artists are blowing up on soundcloud Join my Patreon for exclusive music and marketing feedback 1 on 1 Skype Calls Mixing and Mastering and Content creation - CONNECT WITH ME JOIN OUR COMMUNITY CHAT- LISTEN TO MUSIC BY BAYWOOD BUSINESS INQUIRIES - baywoodvevo Insta Growth hacks Artist promotion music promotion instagram growth instagram growth 2018 instagram for artists Twitter marketing twitter promotion for artists russ russ diemon twitter strategy music marketing artist marketing toledo ohio ohio artists toledo artists toledo producer diemon back to life what they want social media marketing social media johnny5 1990Bishop Alex Rome These are what I believe to be the most beneficial ways to promote your music and grow your fanbase as an independent artist. BTW if you re not subscribe please hit that subscribe button A new music marketing video will be coming out every sunday top 3 ways to promote your music in 2018 game changing music promotion tactics music promotion tactics that are putting music labels out of business the best music promotion strategies ever these music promotion tactics will change the way you think forever free music promotion these music promotion tactics will change the way you think forever promoting your music and building fan base as a small artist every small artist should follow these music promotion strategies 3 ways to get more people to listen to your music top ways artists are getting music promotion for dirt cheap the cheapest and most effective music promotion tactics how to promote your music for free 3 better ways to promote my new music 3 music strategies that work baywood baywood media baywoodvevo.