About this Youtube video: 4 HACKS How To Get More Plays On SoundCloud First off just so you know this video isn t some fluff or lies on how to get more plays on Soundcloud... This information is actually STRAIGHT FROM Sound Cloud themselves in a blog post they recently wrote. But I m going to dig a little deeper into WHY these work to help you gain more sound cloud plays If you didn t know this is the same way it is on YouTube. Meta data is the information that is created when you export your files. Such as Artist Name Album Name Creation Date Notes about the song Producer website etc. The cleaner this data is the higher quality it looks to Just like having a professional music video that looks high quality and makes you look like a professional a great song artwork also helps people differentiate you from other artists who really arent that serious. A good artwork will only cost you 50 to 150 if you find a solid person who does artwork. For example look at my single Way Up that just hit 1 million views on YouTube for the lyric video. The artwork is SUPER clean represents the song and makes people think when they see it. This helps the song look and sound professional even before someone clicks the play button and during those first 10 seconds when someone is listening to the intro of the song while staring at the artwork to admire it. Every song has a vibe or MOOD. so you need to make sure that you add it in the tags. The algorithm that SoundCloud uses is very specific and prioritizes recommendations for its users. If your tags are right you ll be way more discoverable. Also add the main genre of your track and add a few relevant sub-genres and moods that make sense for your song. Also note that its smarter to add relevant tags and not just add a bunch that don t make sense hoping that will work it really doesn t help it actually hurts. So quality over quantity here. If you want to get more marketing strategies and tips there are a ton of marketing videos on my channel and I also have a list of over 200 Hip Hip blogs contact e-mails I interviewed top hip hop blogs and asked them why they post people and what to do and what NOT to do and I also have my 136 Music Marketing Ideas e-book that has tons of free and low cost strategies to market your music. I ll put a link to those below. 136 Marketing Ideas My Spotify - Listen To My Fire 200 Hip Hop Blog E-mails To Get Your Music Heard My Main Music Channel Theme Song From Intro In Video - Rob Level - Way Up .