About this Youtube video: PERSONALITY TEST AND MYSTERY RIDDLES TO TEST YOUR BRAIN This insanely good compilation of mystery riddles and personality tests will challenge your brain and will reveal your true personality and character 00 14 - Easy personality test that require you to answer just one easy question to reveal your true character. 01 23 - Hey adventurer how are you going to get out of that You need to be incredibly smart to choose the only right way here so this trap may become your last one But if you crack this mystery riddle this will prove you re a genius and a great witch hunter. But enough talk you re running short of time 02 10 - If you dare to answer this question honestly it will reveal a lot about your inner world so decide quickly Usually the answer that first came to your mind is the true one so try not to overthink this task. Aaaaaand...let me know who you would like to date 03 16 - This short but very precise quiz will reveal who you really are. Get one of nicknames what will perfectly describe what you seek for. I didn t believe first but then I realized it was really what I want from life Try to answer what first comes to your mind without any overthinking so that your answers go from your deep inside and tell me which Perfect Nickname you got 06 12 - Sometimes a criminal comes up with a perfect crime but then gives oneself away the most stupidly huh A good detective just has to catch and handcuff them and get his paycheck . Test your detective skills with this funny crime riddle with answer. Let s see who s the best detective here 07 57 - Whether we like it or not we still have a lot in common with animals. Our ancestors believed that each person has their own inner animal so now you have a chance to know which one is yours Answer the questions without thinking too much and count your points. Which one are you By the way I m a panda Try this adorable personality quiz to reveal what s hidden inside you 11 05 - A tricky riddle with answers to test your attention and logical thinking in just 1 minute The most important things to do when you re attacked a survive b remember as much as possible. Let s see how good your memory is can you identify the attacker among 5 men looking almost alike If you can t don t worry you need some time to train your eyes catch even the smallest details. Try again 12 09 - Fun personality test you will fall in love with TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which nickname is perfect for you Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media Facebook Instagram Website -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .