About this Youtube video: How I got muscular fast What s going on guys It s Mike Chang and today I want to talk about some advice for beginners who want to build real muscle. The truth is beginners make mistakes and so listen up as I m about to help you better understand how building muscle works. Alright let s discuss this so you can put these ideas into practice immediately to get the muscular body you ve always wanted faster. Video breakdown 0 41 What should I do to build muscle in a certain area - Honestly you doing anything is better than you doing nothing. - You don t have any weights or a gym membership Do push ups if you re looking to build your chest for example. 1 35 Now I m not saying that any exercise you choose to do will be the BEST exercise. - This all depends on you as an individual and how your body will respond to different movements. - What works for one person may not work for another you have to find it. 2 37 Let s say you want to build - Arms do curls - Chest do bench press - Legs do squats - Back do pull ups - Shoulders do military presses - Triceps do skull crushers 3 11 Those exercises aren t magic they may not even work best for you. - Here s the difference it s all about HOW you do these exercises that determines the results you get. 3 40 For example your hand positioning matters when doing different exercises. - Also your range of motion and all over body position matters. There are so many different answers and that s where it gets interesting 4 51 The different variations and different ways of doing everything is really based on what you re trying to work on and focus on more. - So start with the most basic variation of a certain exercise then adjust that as you get stronger and as your needs change. 5 20 You can start worrying about that later on if you re just getting started then you need to crawl before you walk. - Make 100 000 before you can make your million 5 41 If you take only one thing from this video - Just take action get started - Pick a muscle group pick an exercise and just do it I ve just told you that there is no perfect exercise for you so you don t need to worry about being perfect from the beginning. 7 02 Key points - Pick your exercise and just get started. - I named a bunch at the beginning so pick one of those. - 6 months down the road then you can ask about variations but before then it can just be too confusing and easy to over think. I hope this video serves you well and motivates you take action Come back and check us out for more tips tricks and exercises - and as always leave your comments below to ler us know what you think. Want to know how to get ripped fast Here you go I didn t have the muscular ripped body I have today. I failed so many times I lost count and it wasn t because it was hard it was because I didn t know what I was doing and made it more difficult for myself. Once I figured out this trick that makes putting on ripped muscle easy I got the ripped muscular body I always wanted. Could this trick be the answer to your fitness problems as well Watch this video to find out for yourself. Train Hard -Mike If you enjoyed the video make sure you share this with your friends on Facebook. .