About this Youtube video: Try not to break your head with a mix of cool quiz questions and trivia Logic exercises are great to stimulate your brain activity and boost your thinking processes. By the way there are some riddles and brain teasers that can be easily solved by kids but will be a hard task for adults. So it s a good chance to see if you can crack these puzzles fast. 00 14 - A fun logic riddle that will test how fast your brain is It s a cool warming-up for your brain and eyes in the morning so grab your coffee and snacks and get ready to train 01 13 - This is a mysterious story that will make you face the hardest choice ever What would you advise Mia to do I think all the options are equally horrible but if I still have to choose I would rather choose the 2nd one. What about you Tell me in the comments 02 43 - A classic criminal riddle to improve your IQ level and boost your detective skills It s a dark and thrilling story so focus your mind and try to not get scared. Will you be a match for this riddle 04 07 - Awesome quiz and tricky riddles to question your logic and ability to think outside the box These fun text riddles will blow your mind and will make you smile yup it s that perfect 05 54 - A fun picture puzzle to check how good you are at solving riddles. This is a tricky one so stay concentrated till the very end. If you can spot all of them you re ready to become a vampire hunter 07 00 - This riddle will blow your mind away although it refers to such a simple everyday thing as sitting on the toilet Actually 95 people answer this question wrong and I was among them . So give your answer first and then watch the explanation of the riddle which will definitely turn your world upside down 08 14 - A tricky crime riddle only the most attentive solvers can crack Turn on your logic and believe your eyes not what the other people say. Feel free to pause the video if you feel the lack of time as it s a really hard one 09 33 - This is a hard-mode brain teaser with answer that will boost your brain power like nothing else If you can crack this riddle before the time is over then you re a true genius and survivor So focus your mind and try to come up with a solution on time 10 46 - This short logic riddle will make you rack your brain hard because only a person with IQ 100 will be able to solve it To be honest I had no idea of what the answer can be when was trying to solve it 11 41 - A short riddle on crime that will make you rack your brain hard You will have to find out what was so suspicious about her story and prove she s guilty. It s not an easy task so I believe only a person with extraordinary detective skills can solve this case. 13 12 - A fun picture puzzle to test your attentiveness It seems impossible to guess but actually culprits usually give themselves away just watch carefully Tell me in the comments what you think TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last riddle Music Epidemic Sound Music Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media Facebook Instagram Website -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .