About this Youtube video: This video learn about how to use uber How to use uber mobile app how to request uber uber cost calculation fare estimate how to track your location uber help uber guide requesting a trip taking a ride account setting . In this video i show how do I create an Uber account How to request a ride resister how to Uber works some information before the trip how to share my uber link code download link - Step 1 Install create an Uber ID Download uber app by link bellow or play apple store than Install Uber app than tap open uber app Select your signup process Fill in your valid phone number uber send a text SMS to verify your phone number. Need to location GPS turn on. After complete your signup process you can see your city map with your location some vehicle Select MENU-SETTINGS - Profiles and tap the profile you d like to modify.Search to riding options or help by tap can share invite code with friend for free ride Step 2 Sending uber car request Need to smart phone with mobile data for uber car request. Enter your destination address in the Where to box.Your default pickup point is set to your current GPS location Approx. fare estimates pickup time are displayed directly.Tap Request. For sending uber car request. You may be asked to confirm your pickup location. Wait for a driver to accept your request. Step 3 requests matched with a driver All ride requests are blindly matched with the closest available driver. You ll see your driver s details in your screen who is accept your request .If you wish to contact your driver about a pickup location you can do that through the app. To cancel after you ve been matched with a driver Tap the driver info bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap Cancel Trip . You ll be asked to confirm. Tap Yes or No . No cancellation fee may apply before 5 minutes. Riders and drivers rate each other after the completion of a trip. When a trip ends we automatically send a receipt to the email address on your Uber account Cost calculation for uber in dhaka city Base fee per tripe 50 - Cast per minute 3 - ride per kilometer 21 - tripe cancel free 50 - ................................................. Total bill generate automatically by uber app Enjoy your rides with uber My Contact - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mail maiduleee 8. Hi Guys If you like this video please do subscribe and any Problem Please Comment Below..