About this Youtube video: Watch next Kids try out to be a policeman more police funny videos here pretendplay forkids colors Kids 2 - 5 years Educational Pretend Play and Imaginary Games. Learn and play with letters and numbers. Naz Norris from the Norris Nuts Sockie Norris from the Norris Nuts Sabre Norris from the Norris Nuts Biggy Norris from the Norris Nuts Emma pretend play as a cop and pretends to put people in her jail playhouse toy for kids. Jannie threw her trash bag outside in a no littering zone so she had to go to jail. After that Auntie Joyce was picking flowers at a garden that didn t allow people to remove flowers. Uncle K was fishing in a no fishing zone and had to go to the jail playhouse for a few minutes. Lastly Emma helped Uncle John find his toy birthday cake that he lost..