About this Youtube video: Which fingers do you wear rings on Rings aren t just beautiful jewelry. They can say a lot about your relationship status level of education and even your personality Everything depends on the finger on which you re wearing a ring. So if you wanna learn about the meanings of rings on different fingers watch our new video For example according to Chinese philosophy a ring on the right thumb means flexibility and the ability to adapt to the will of other people. A ring on the left index finger means that you long for power and want to be in charge. A ring on the right middle finger is associated with the ability to analyze situations correctly and make your own independent. A ring on the left index finger means that you long for power and want to be in charge. TIMESTAMPS Right Thumb 0 49 Right Index Finger 1 34 Right Middle Finger 2 15 Right Ring Finger 2 53 Right Pinky Finger 3 17 Left Thumb 3 36 Left Index Finger 4 10 Left Middle Finger 4 45 Left Ring Finger 5 07 Left Pinky Finger 6 00 On your thumbs 6 41 On your index fingers 7 07 On your middle fingers 7 53 On your ring fingers 8 24 On your pinky fingers 9 01 yourpersonality chinesephilosophy fingers Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY - If it s a woman wearing a ring on her right thumb she may be kind of a tomboy. This may also hint that she s pretty stubborn and has a quick temper. - In some cultures a ring on this finger symbolizes marriage. Aside from this a ring on the right index finger doesn t seem to have any particular meaning. But some people believe that such a ring is connected to a person s thirst for power. - According to astronomy the right middle finger is connected with Saturn. Being the middle finger it may also represent balance. - The right ring finger is the finger where people in some countries place wedding rings Norway Russia Poland Greece and Cuba for example. On the other hand this may mean that a person is divorced or has lost their spouse. - A ring on this finger is the ring of your professional status. This means that you have a degree in some discipline or proficiency in a particular sphere. Such rings are usually made of stainless steel or iron. - A ring on the left middle finger doesn t have any particular meaning serving as a decoration and symbolizing beauty. - In many countries a ring on the left ring finger is either a wedding or engagement ring. - Traditionally if a man wears 2 rings on his left pinky it means that he s married the top ring is a signet ring and the bottom one indicates his marriage. This practice isn t so popular nowadays and it might eventually die out. - Not many people choose to wear rings on their thumbs. Typically most of the people who do are men as it serves as a symbol of their manliness. If a woman wears a ring on this finger it emphasizes her strong character. - According to experts these are the best fingers for women to wear rings on. If that s how you wear your rings you re a natural peacemaker. - If you re single but like wearing a ring on your ring finger you re a very romantic person. Family and love are vital components of life for you and you re emotional and sensitive. - People who wear rings on their pinky fingers are friendly talkative and sociable. They form strong connections with the people around them. In addition they are intelligent and have developed intuition. Subscribe to Bright Side ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media Facebook Instagram 5-Minute Crafts Youtube ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .