About this Youtube video: Walking Blues Robert Johnson Eric Clapton played on a Fender Resonator Robert Johnson s Walking Blues based on Eric Clapton s unplugged arrangement. Not note-perfect but note-perfect isn t what I was going for. - This is my Fender F50 Resonator guitar not a top drawer resonator and certainly not a top drawer price but for the money I don t think you ll find much better. The best thing about it is the pickup - when you plug it in it still sounds like a resonator - you have full tonal control and can pitch the sound just as you like it. With stage monitors it does feed back quite a lot so I find that I have to have very little monitor level to avoid that but once you get ued to that and let the guitar do the work the audience get the full value. The Walking Blues arrangement is one that I lifted directly from Eric Clapton s Unpugged recording - and why not - it s a great little arrangement - although over the years of playing it it s probably moved away a little from the Clapton note-for-note and picked up a slightly different feel. It s a pretty simple slide guitar 12 bar blues piece in Open G tuning - D G D G B D - but don t forget the extra half bar at the end of bar 4 before going to the C chord .