About this Youtube video: The Fellbeasts of Mordor the terrifying steeds of the Nazgul. What were they where did they come from and how did they become the flying mounts of the Ringwraiths Could they have been linked to Morgoth the first Dark Lord and Sauron s master In this episode we break down all the known information concerning the fellbeasts including their appearances in the books as we seek to unravel the mysteries surrounding these enigmas Join us on Facebook - Join us on Twitter - Support us on Patreon - In this series we explore the history of places in Middle-Earth Characters or events that took place. The information is presented in an orderly easy to understand way so that it is friendly to people that are new to the Lord of the Rings Lore and Mythos. If I feature any of your artwork during this video please drop a message or a comment and I can link your page in the description of my videos Special thanks to our Patrons Mike Feeney Also a special thanks to the following artists Ted Nasmith - - - - - - - Check out my latest video Dol Guldur - Lord of the Rings Lore - - - - - -.