About this Youtube video: Official Music Video Connect with Gremlin Instagram Gremlinraps Twitter Gremlinraps Snapchat Gremlinraps Facebook Lyrics I know you re feeling low You don t have to lie to me Only thing that scares you more than heartbreak is sobriety Now you re always drinking and numbing your pain entirely And you don t want no one to see so you re doing it quietly Cause You think that no one can relate to you breaking up with someone that you always thought was made for you Now you re going crazy because he forgot about you in a day or two So now you re praying to God hoping that you make it through But now he has a baby due which means that he cheated but even knowing that you would go back and still repeat it Because he was all you needed so now you re barely breathing You re an angel he s a demon but maybe that s the reason why you fell in love you wanted him to see the light all he did was bring the night and swallowed every piece of you Now you ll never love again not even another friend His beginnings become your end cuz now he ll never be with you You can t hide it I can tell that you re afraid of being sober boo don t you ever let a man have that much power over you And don t you be afraid to love again like you re supposed to do love can break your heart but it can fix it if its broken too I know that that s hard to see with everything you re going through but I m speaking honesty cuz honestly its overdue I can tell your soul is true and you think that love is fake But when it comes to love you gonna make a couple dumb mistakes it s just a given its just a way that most of us are living there is loving and there s lust please start noticing the difference Cuz lately I can tell you ve been overly dismissive I only want what s best for you so hopefully you listen listen to the words that I ve been speaking Cuz I promise you that he is not worth all of the drinking you learn from your mistakes and just keep moving you can do it and you can have this song be the start of your improvement Official Clothing Available at .