About this Youtube video: For millions of people around the world their biological and their emotional age are two completely different things. Here is an easy but very accurate test that will determine your mental age. RULES The rules are simple answer the question of picking the first thing that comes to your mind. Seriously do not overthink. If you get 9 as your mental age it does not mean your IQ is low it only shows your perception of the world is young and bright. If you get 60 while you are 22 it s not too bad either. It just means you are really wise. For each answer you pick add a certain number of points. You get 1 point for each time you choose number 1 option you get 2 points for option 2 and so on. There will be 4 options for each question. TIMESTAMPS Pick a color 1 25 Pick a meal 1 54 Online preferences 2 53 Your spirit animal 3 58 Pick a movie 4 40 Skills to learn 5 45 Dream vacation 7 00 Big money and how to spend it 8 25 Taking responsibility 9 16 The meaning of life 9 57 SUMMARY 10-19 points 9 years old If you got 10-19 points you are 9 years old. A cute little child at heart. You re energetic interested in everything and open-hearted. You react emotionally to every event in your life you need people to share it all with and a fluffy unicorn to cuddle with. 20-29 points 15-19 years old Hello there teenage soul. You are seeking new emotions. You want to riot conquer the world and explore yourself and the people around you. This is the period when you want to find your place in the world. 30-33 points 20-29 years old It s a great age when your true personality is formed. You always know what to do but you also perfectly remember how to have fun which is no less important right 34-37 points 29-55 years old Your mind level is middle-aged. You know that we are responsible for what we do and you don t allow your emotions to rule your mind. It s a great age for intellectual activity and self-realization. Career family life or both this is your time to shine 38-40 points 55 and older The age of stability when you don t have to prove anything to anyone and know how to live for yourself. You wear no mask and always stay yourself. Such a philosophical attitude keeps you away from unwanted thoughts and complexes. The golden days. Subscribe to Bright Side ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media Facebook Instagram SMART Youtube 5-Minute Crafts Youtube Have you ever seen a talking slime Here he is Slick Slime Sam ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .