About this Youtube video: Rabbaway Episode 41 Pakistani Drama Soap 11th February 2019 BOL Entertainment It s a story about the vultures that feed off this society s injustices and inequalities. You will in this soap get to see how an innocent girl is subjected to punishment for the sins she never committed and how three homes got affected because of her. A riveting script that will keep you glued in your seats for sure Cast Mehmood Akhter Humaira Ali Suzain Fatima Summaiya Baksh Saqlain Bashir Asad Malik Naheed Shabbir Yasir Shoro Asad Mehmood Rubina Arif Sara Elahi Asmat Iqbal Mahnoor BOLEntertainment Rabbaway PakistaniDrama BOL Entertainment brings you best quality dramas which your haven t seen before.The latest equipment used in dramas also it has popular artist and best directors who has given their best effort to give you best quality drama. Visit our Website Watch Latest Dramas of BOL Entertainment Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram .