About this Youtube video: Jumanji The Video Game Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Jumanji The Video Game Gameplay on Xbox One. This Jumanji The Video Game Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on Xbox One and will include the full game all endings and all boss fights. Enjoy If you liked the video please remember to leave a Like Comment I appreciate it a lot Jumanji The Video Game is loosely based on Jumanji The Next Level 2019 movie Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle 2017 film from Sony Pictures. The game uses characters from the movie s and their likeness including Dwayne Johnson Jack Black Kevin Hart and Karen Gillian. Unite in adventure and laughter in the action packed game of Jumanji as you try to survive the ultimate challenge for those seeking to leave their world behind Only you and three teammates can recover the jewels and save Jumanji. So get online gather friends for split-screen play or go alone with AI companions. There s an army of evil marauders to take on deadly beasts and traps to dodge and cool customizations to unlock. And with heroes Dr. Smolder Bravestone Ruby Roundhouse Franklin Mouse Finbar and Professor Sheldon Shelly Oberon as your avatars you know you ve got the unique abilities and hilarious failings to save the day The world of Jumanji gets bigger with beautiful but snowy mountains city and jungle environments Follow me on Twitter - SUBSCRIBE - Support MKIceAndFire and become a member - Subscribe to MKIceAndFire to get all the new gameplay videos and walkthroughs of the latest games Jumanji Gameplay Walkthrough.