About this Youtube video: These fun quiz questions trivia and riddles will drive you insane but in the end your brain will be grateful for such a nice brain workout 00 14 - Tricky riddle. A tricky riddle making you face the most difficult choice in your life Sometimes we have to sacrifice something really precious to save more important things or people . What would be your choice A mind-blowing riddle with answer to test how quickly you can take decisions 01 23 - Crime riddle. Hey Detective put your glasses on and rush to the crime scene there is a tricky case for you A tough murder riddle only brilliant minds can solve that s why we can t do without you. Collect all the evidences and analyze the facts to figure out who the killer is. Do you have any ideas A crime riddle with answer to tease your brain 02 53 - Short quiz. A quiz everyone should take and pay attention to It s impossible to talk about total privacy in our digital epoch that s why we should protect our children younger brothers and sisters and friends. If you still think posting kids photos everywhere is cute have a look at this short quiz with answers. Tell me what you think about kids privacy 03 58 - Murder riddle. A thrilling murder riddle only a psycho or genius can solve Seriously if you get it right then you must have put yourself in the place of the murderer right Only a psycho or a cold rational thinker can do this I hope you re just icredibly smart ha-ha... 05 57 - Trivia quiz. A mesmerizing trivia quiz that will completely change your view of the world If you thought a baby can only sleep and eat while in the womb then you were wrong all the time so was I . Can you guess what else it can do without looking up in the answers 06 47 - Funny riddle. A fascinating story where you ll have to solve a short riddle at the end. It s so fun and surprising I just admire this smart woman Tell me how quickly you guessed what she did Even if you fail this is a riddle with answer so you ll know the solution at the very end of the video 07 52 - Crime riddle. So he took her out for dinner but then something terrible happened Put on your glasses and investigate the case Check the crime scene follow every clue and crack this crime riddle wide open 09 02 - Short riddle. This touching riddle won t probably make you cry or it would but it will definitely make you puzzle over. Well the only hint I can give you is listen to your heart and it will prompt the answer A short riddle with answer is what you need to warm-up your brain and set the light mood 09 56 - At what age will you get married - Fun personality test. A fun test based on the answers your subconscious would give. You don t need to overthink the questions just relax and let your body choose. I m just saying everyone who s already married told me that it got the age they had married right TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these quiz questions and riddles impressed you the most. Also tell me YOUR ANSWERS for the question from the THUMBNAIL Who would you choose Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media Facebook Instagram Website -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .