About this Youtube video: This logo quiz challenge and will test your memory while the picture riddles will test your vision and how fast your brain reacts and processes information 00 14 - This logo quiz will test if you have photographic memory These famous logos you see almost every day but your mind doesn t register it unless it s activated These short riddles will test whether your mind is on autopilot or is always on 02 42 - Which flag is fake These picture riddles will test your general knowledge and your memory. 04 16 - Secrets behind logos of famous brands. 06 44 - Fun general knowledge quiz to test how well you can navigate among the brands and get the right not fake ones If you pass this picture quiz then you re a very knowledgeable person who never gets tricked Be my friend and guide 09 08 - Picture puzzles to test your vision and your brain reaction time. 11 14 - Fun logo challenge to challenge your memory. TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these tricky riddles you managed to crack Did you do well in logo quiz Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media Facebook Instagram Website -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit .