About this Youtube video: SUBSCRIBE Download Dubioza Viber stickers for free Dubioza kolektiv U.S.A. Album Wild Wild East Koolarrow Records 2011 Camera Bojan uri i Predrag Radosavljevi Sr an uri Production coordinator Dejan Kne evi Editing Antonio Ili Fabrika Sarajevo Follow Dubioza kolektiv Web - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Lyrics U.S.A. The grass is always greener in neighbors courtyard I wish to leave this nightmare go to a Promised Land Please take me to your leader I want my green card I want to fly over Like a rocket from the Balkans I want to start all over and turn a new page Forget this dreadful story Escape the Stone Age I m waiting for chance to get out of the cage I feel like a slave on a minimal wage I am form Bosnia Take me to America I really want to see Statue of Liberty I can no longer wait Take me to United States take me to Golden Gate I will assimilate One day when you reach the end One day you will understand One day back to roots my friend No place like a motherland I hoped I ll find what I need I ll be free like a bird Now we re pushed in a ghetto Like the sheep in a herd All the promises I heard Became empty words Completely disconnected From the rest of the world The grass is never greener in neighbors courtyard I want to start all over Return to No Mans Land Send greetings to your leader Don t want your Green Card I want to fly back Like a rocket to the Balkans.