About this Youtube video: 5 SIGNS OF CRAIGSLIST SCAMS Craigslist Scammers Amazon PRIME Rewards Credit Card - FREE Trial of Audible - 5 SIGNS OF A CRAIGSLIST SCAMMERS Craigslist Scams 1. Buyer will overpay seller will sell product under market value. 2. Request funds sent via Western Union MoneyGram or Gift cards. 3. Unable to meet in person sends checks or requests wire transfer. 4. Telling you to cash check instead of waiting 4-7 business days for check to clear. 5. Requesting banking information account number routing number mobile banking logon information . This video will teach you how to avoid Craigslist Scams. Here is a list of some red flags that you should keep in mind while you re attempting to buy sell an item on Craigslist or any site that requires you to buy sell from another person directly. There are a lot of scammers currently on Craigslist eBay etc. Craigslist Scammers will request the following - Banking information - Send excess funds back or to pay movers - Cash a check that is sent to you instead of depositing an waiting the 4-7 business days DO NOT EVER SEND MONEY BACK TO A PERSON THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW AND DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION Craigslist Scammers will request payment via Western Union MoneyGram Gift Cards Wire Transfers If you re ever not sure about a check please discuss the situation that you ve received the check with your bank and they should be able to see the red flags of the common scams..